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Floating Ocean Airports

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Blogs on this website are aimed at delivering a short yet inspirational view on visions which I came across in external sources.

This post: floating ocean airports as envisioned back in 1934.

Image courtesy of Edward R. Armstrong/Popular Science, 1934. Archived at

The floating ocean airport concept was developed by Edward Armstrong, a Canadian-American engineer and inventor. Also referred to as the 'Seadrome', I think the idea was beautifully futuristic for its time and actually even for the day of today. Let's focus on the two main innovations as I see them:


The Seadrome was planned to be equipped with propellers so it could be manoeuvred, presumably to the locations where most needed or to reposition in case of unfavourable weather. The integrated radio beacon assured it could always be located by approaching aircraft.

Integrated infrastructure

Through stacked levels, the airport structure was a runway, terminal and hangar in one. Especially with the 'aircraft elevator' and the various 'decks', it resembles an aircraft carrier as deployed in the military. However, I think Edward Armstrong really re-envisioned that concept into a futuristic civilian alternative.

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