• Sebastiaan Menger

2050 Future aircraft operations

Blogs on this website are aimed at delivering a short yet inspirational view on visions which I came across in external sources.

This post: future aircraft operations in 2050 as envisioned in a beautiful video by Airbus.

Video courtesy of Airbus.

Apart from the video being beautifully visualised, also the innovations as envisioned by Airbus are definitely worth mentioning:

Assisted take-off

‘Launching’ the aircraft upon take-off would see the procedure currently only applied on aircraft carriers getting mainstream in the world of civil aviation in 2050. The advantages would be considerable, such as shorter runways, quieter aircraft and more traffic handled per runway.

Flying formations

Birds benefit of reduced drag when flying in formation. For the same reason, this would be advantageous for aircraft. Imagine a greener aviation while at the same time, looking out of the window on your flight to New York would look pretty nice too.

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